6 x 60 minutes


Starring: Eden H Davies, Sophie Ablett, Dylan Brady, Ammar Duffus, George Hawkins, Daisy Jacob, Nethra Tilakumara, Levi Mattey

Writers: Rob Fraser, Maja Bodenstein Mark O’Sullivan, Kat Sadler & Cameron Loxdale, Katie Douglas

Directors: Richard Senior & Ruth Carney

Series Producer: Rosemary McGowan
Co-producer: David Wade

Executive Producers: Camilla Campbell, Robert Wulff-Cochrane, Rob Fraser, & Mark O’Sullivan

Jonny’s moved to a new town for a fresh start. He even has a new gang of friends in Ella, Naisha, Dylan, Bex and Luke. He hasn’t told them all his secrets yet, and definitely doesn’t know all of theirs. Ella is impulsive, often putting herself in dangerous situations. Struggling with her mental health, when an explicit video goes viral, she’s unsure who she can trust. Naisha desperately seeks the approval of her parents, throwing herself into an online wellbeing challenge and a toxic relationship with Josh. Having grown up in care, as Dylan approaches eighteen, he finds himself sofa surfing at his friends’ houses. What he really wants is a place to call home but is that with boyfriend Tommy? Bex was bullied at her previous college and is desperate for true friendship. Can her romance with Jonny survive her social insecurity? As the pressure of their final year at college ramps up, the gang navigate the trials and tribulations of teenage life with help and support from each other.