The Windsors Series Three

The Windsors

Series Three: 6 x 30 minutes

Channel 4

Starring: Harry Enfield, Haydn Gwynne, Miriam Margolyes, Adrian Scarborough, Hugh Skinner, Vicki Pepperdine, Louise Ford, Tom Durant-Pritchard, Kathryn Drysdale, Morgana Robinson, Katy Wix, Ellie White, Celeste Dring, Matthew Cottle, Tim Wallers, Tom Stourton, Simon Day, Julia Deakin, Terry Mynott, Polly Kemp, Corey Johnson, Amer Chadha-Patel & Mateo Oxley.

Writers: George Jeffrie & Bert Tyler-Moore

Director: Amanda Blue

Producer: Paul Schlesinger

Executive Producers: Camilla Campbell, Robert Wulff-Cochrane, George Jeffrie & Bert Tyler-Moore

The government has asked the Royals to cheer up Britain. Wills, Kate, Harry and Meghan are keen; but Charles is striking with his siblings for a higher Sovereign Grant. Charles is getting increasingly desperate to be King.

Pippa won’t leave Harry alone (at one point inveigling herself as Meghan and Harry’s new nanny). Camilla is also hell-bent on manipulating The Fab Four into a feud. Meghan’s had enough of the royal family and wants to move to North America!

Anne falls for David Beckham, but Wills is worried he’s using her to get a knighthood. Meanwhile Edward’s debts are still rising.

Beatrice and Eugenie continue their attempts at being entrepreneurs. Eugenie worries that Jack’s job isn’t safe. Beatrice wishes she too was married, and when working as a lowly chalet girl at Fergie’s BnB she falls for Europe’s most eligible bachelor. But can Andrew be at the wedding given all the recent “unpleasantness”?

Donald Trump has asked Charles and Camilla to be King and Queen of America. Wills is suspicious and Camilla’s plan for a last ditch attempt at power is revealed. Wills decides America shouldn’t have a monarchy anyway. They all return home just in time for Beatrice’s wedding!